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Curt has been involved in commercial real estate since 1987 and has consistently been one of NAI Ohio Equities’ Top Producers. His focus and expertise are in the industrial sector with a specialization in landlord and tenant representation as well as industrial investment sales. 他的服务范围包括租赁和销售合同的谈判, 制定和实施租赁和销售营销计划, consulting, 物业估价, 租赁与销售对比分析, 租赁对比分析和投资分析. He works with a wide range of clients on a local, regional and national basis.

在美景镇高地出生长大, Curt is a lifelong resident of Columbus and resides in Grandview with his family. 他是俄亥俄州立大学的校友,在那里他获得了B.S. 在工商管理和工商管理硕士学位.



这并不全是关于销售. I try to put myself into my clients’ shoes and spend more time consulting with them than on sales. Our goal is to make sure every deal fits into our client’s business model so they can continue to be successful.


My family is located here so I wanted to stay in Columbus to be close to them and build my own family in the city I grew up in.


Fishing. 随着年龄的增长,我认为它和经纪业务有很多共同之处. 选角就像陌生电话. 大多数时候,电话那头什么也没有. However, when you do catch something or get a positive response it is exhilarating and it keeps you coming back for more.


俄亥俄州立七叶树队,圣. 路易斯红雀队,堪萨斯城酋长队和哥伦布蓝夹克队

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"We were looking for a very popular building in a very tight market and with the fast response time and market knowledge, the 工业物业小组 at NAI Ohio Equities were able to assist us in finding the perfect building."


HF Group

“naie - oe和工业地产团队非常有耐心, helpful and determined to find us the right location and landlord for our special project. The unique requirements and specifications for our space meant that the number of available sites were limited, the team was never deterred in their efforts and I can’t thank them and NAI enough!"

杰伊·费尔菲尔德,董事长 & CEO


"We have worked with Curt since 2012 and he has helped negotiate two new leases. Each time he understood our need to be in a specific geographic area and knew there were limited options that would fit our requirement. 他完成了一次广泛的搜索, 整理数据, 准备好了,便于我复习. 一旦选定建筑物,他就协助进行租赁谈判. His market knowledge is invaluable and key to us feeling confident in our decisions. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone with industrial needs in the area."



"I have had the great fortune to work with Matt Osowski as our leasing agent at several properties in Columbus, Ohio. 因为他的坚韧, 努力工作,了解我们的产品类型和租户, 我们在这个市场达到了100%的占有率."

Jill Evans,投资组合经理

Hackman Capital Partners

"The NAI Ohio Equities Industrial Team has done an excellent job for us. After purchasing Southeast Industrial Park, our goal has been to sell the buildings individually. Their team has clearly communicated our objectives to the brokerage community and end users. Through an aggressive marketing effort they have been able to sell 13 of the 18 buildings in the park. 我们赞赏他们对业务的坚定和诚实态度."

Ben Struewing,副总裁-租赁,销售, & Acquisitions


"We wanted to express our thanks to you for your excellent service over the past 15 years. 您始终理解我们的业务及其面临的挑战. Whether it is helping to locate a short term warehouse space or assisting in selling our buildings, your dedication to representing our best interests has always been appreciated. We have asked you to do a little of everything over the years and you have treated each assignment with equal importance. From leasing 20,000 SF on a month-to month basis or selling our 340,000 SF Class A building. Your commitment, determination and market knowledge allowed us to achieve our goals.

你最重要的特点之一就是诚实. 在这个时代保持道德准则是很困难的. 你的车调得很好,一直都很准. When we combine this trait with your loyalty, it sets you head and shoulders above all others. My business partner and I really appreciated all of your good work and dependability.

We truly enjoy working with you and would highly recommend you to anyone with warehouse needs in the Central Ohio area or other parts of the country."

Seatta“Sean”Layland & Geoffrey D. Manack,主人

Kenda Tires

"As we wrap up our year and begin to think about the calendar year 2016, I would like to again sincerely thank you for your excellent service over the last 17 plus years. 在这段时间里, 你代表我们收购了几栋大楼, 无论是在俄亥俄州还是在全国范围内, 每一个新项目, you have always taken the time to understand our thoughts and negotiate with our interests in mind. Honestly, it is very comforting to work with someone you can trust and who works so hard to achieve the goals we target. I sincerely appreciate the partnership and drive you bring with each new project.

Curt, 请也知道,毫无疑问, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to complete a real estate project anywhere in the country."

P. Jeffrey Pizzola,集团首席财务官 & COO

Case Studies


  • 甘尼特有限公司bbb418,787平方英尺bbb5300侧风博士(销售)
  • Premier ProduceOne | 152,640 SF | 2100立体式(出售)
  • Star Holdings Ltd | 42,360 SF | Three-Location Sale-Leaseback Portfolio
  • Hyperlogistics集团 | 230,265 SF | 4370 Alum Creek Dr (Renewal/Expansion)
  • ADB Safegate Americas LLC | 52,500平方英尺| 870 Claycraft Rd(租赁)
  • WTOL, LLC | 164,450 SF | 555 Yearling Rd(出售)
  • Wells Fargo Bank | 141,447 SF | 4051 Fondorf(出售)
  • FST物流| 324000 | 3280 South Park Pl(租赁)
  • McGaw道2400-2410号Columbus 2 LLC | 134,282平方英尺|(出售)
  • 沙斯塔饮料公司. | 351,228平方英尺| 3219 Rohr Rd(租赁)
  • 上海捷运物流有限公司,上海瑞纳路5400号 & 乔治维尔路1727号(售后回租)





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Kenda Tires
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